Divorce Coach

What is a Collaborative Divorce Coach?

A Collaborative Practice Coach is a mental health professional who helps the two of you recognize, negotiate and communicate emotional concerns during the divorce process. However, the coach does not act as a therapist or replace the role of a therapist.

As opposed to engaging in emotionally charged conflicts, a coach can assist divorcing couples to think more clearly, helping you to navigate this difficult time in a more respectful and constructive manner.

This is achieved by:
  • Encouraging respectful listening
  • Helping each of you gain perspective on the other’s point of view
  • Assisting in formulating goals for your individual futures
  • Where children are involved, helping to gather information about each of your hopes and goals for your children, and what each of you believes is best for them
  • Supporting both parents in putting the children’s needs ahead of their own
  • Ideally, this information will serve as a guide toward resolving future conflicts.

Divorcing is very much an emotional, as well as a legal and financial process. During this time, respectful and open communication is imperative. Depending on how it’s handled, divorce can either help the individuals grow and achieve greater strength, health and wisdom, or it can cause bitterness and anger. By creating open avenues of communication, Collaborative Practice Coaches can help you reduce the expense, time and destructiveness of a divorce.

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